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#TasteWithKaren LIVE with Rupert Symington, CEO of Symington Family Estates
Friday, September 25th @ 11am PST

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Join Karen MacNeil, author of the best-selling wine book “The Wine Bible,” for an exciting tasting with Rupert Symington, CEO of Symington Family Estates. The Symingtons have been in the Port business since the mid-17th century. Among their brands is Graham’s, known for Ports with super lush deliciousness. So join us as we taste and learn more about great Ports to enjoy now. 

Graham's Six Grapes Reserve Port ($26.50 value)
Graham's 20 Year Old Tawny Port ($67.00 value)
Graham's 1994 Vintage Port ($140.00 value)

Register via Zoom for the live tasting Friday, September 25th @ 11am PST

Karen MacNeil is the author of the best-selling The Wine Bible and creator of the award-winning digital newsletter WineSpeed. (Sign up now for free at www.winespeed.com )

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