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Let yourself escape to the island of Madeira with this tasting package of cask aged wines.

A truly unique expression, these wines are aged for 10 Years using the Canteiro method which is comprised of the gentle heating of the wine in the lofts of the lodges in Funchal. Over the years the wine is transferred from the top floors to the middle floors and eventually to the ground floor where it is cooler.

Ranging from driest to sweetest, this package contains 4 500ml bottles, one of each of Madeira’s primary varieties aged for ten years in oak casks:

* Sercial
* Verdelho
* Bual
* Malmsey

To learn more about these wines you can visit Blandy’s Website.
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* A Tasting Mat of the wines
* Wine Information Sheets
* Live guided online tasting (45 minutes) with Hugh Symington

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